Music is often an essential part of the working day. If you work in complete silence, you’re weird. I often have music playing at progressing volumes throughout the day and find that it helps me to focus and be more productive.

Having a playlist means that I don’t have to waste time browsing, and then accidentally ending up down a rabbit hole of the best fail videos YouTube has to offer. If you’re like me, you’ll always be on the lookout for new music to inspire you – enjoy!

This one is for upbeat focus, my favourite type.


  1. Ben Bohmer – Promise You
  2. Avoure – Aura
  3. Nox Vahn & Marsh – Come Together
  4. Joseph Ray – Room 1.5
  5. Lane 8 & Massane – And We Knew It Was Our Time
  6. Ben Bohmer – After Earth
  7. Lane 8 – Fingerprint
  8. Monolink – Father Ocean (Ben Bohmer Remix)
  9. Monolink – The Prey (Mind Against Remix)
  10. David August – Epikur
  11. 16 Bit Lolitas – Deep In My Soul
  12. Caribou – Sun (Kastis Torrau & Arnas D Remix)
  13. Lane 8 – Hold On feat. Fractures (Ben Bohmer Remix)